We are pretty little hens, we make the
place very lively ! We are busy from
dawn to dusk : we chat together, lay eggs,
scratch the earth, eat your leftovers, take
dust baths, preen out feathers...
and you can even touch us,
feel how silky we are !

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Hello, here is the Rabbit family !
I am Cookie, the father. I am a real live
wire !
Here are my 2 sons :
Lutti - calm, loves cuddles
Nounours - a bit grumpy but so cute !
We're all looking forward to playing with you !

I'm a dwarf goat. I came to live at Les Basses Landes in July 2005 when I was 6
months old and I'm quite happy !!

I live in a big enclosure near the entrance gate.

I'm always hungry, I will
enjoy eating your dry bread !

I am useful because I'm
glad to recycle

your fruit and vegetable peelings...

We're a couple of
Mandarin ducks, we
love to have splashy
baths and bask in the
sun !