A large array of leisure facilities on site :
sandpit -
little inflatable swimming pool
french bowls - skittles - ball games
Pets :
dwarf goat and rabbits, ducks and hens.
(see pets pics album)
indoor and outdoor ping-pong - mini-trampoline
The barn (a two-storeyed 950 sq.ft space with free unlimited 
acess) just  by the holiday home was converted into a fitness
and leasure area for the whole family : the ideal place for a
relaxing or tonic break.
Upstairs :
-Automatic shiatsu armchairs: you will
enjoy massages to the tune of relaxing
music for ultimate well-being.
- Children' play area : ball pit, various
games for all ages (from 1st age to family
board games), storybooks...
- Book corner with a large range of comic
strips, magazines, French and English novels.
On the ground floor : fitness equipment with TV and music for motivation.